polished billet aluminum 12pt lug nuts
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These 12 x 1.5 mm Billet Aluminum 12 pt Lug Nuts come with a machine polished finish giving them an awesome look to go with your racing wheels.  This lug nut uses a standard 3/4" 12 pt socket and are manufuactured from domestic 7075 billet aluminum.  Also a wide range of spacer washers are available to get the correct look you are looking for. 5 per package.

*** LONG SHANK *** 3/4" LENGTH (.710 long x .687 O.D.) ***  Please make sure you order correctly for your wheels.

Drag Race Solutions is a division of Collector Tethers™.  Racers ourselves, we have seen a need for premium drag racing components while building our own cars that we feel can imporve yours.


  • Item #: 7305-12MP

Billet Aluminum 12 pt Lug Nuts - 12 mm LS Polished

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