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Collector Tethers are an NHRA Accepted Header Tether Device and sold as assemblies.  By ordering (1) you will receive everything you need for two header collectors.  Additional size clamps and nuts are available.  Tether cables can only be purchased as assemblies.

  • How to Measure: See our Instructions Page for detailed information.
  • Merge Collector Sizing: Collector Clamps have a minimal amount of adjustability. Use next size if collector size exceeds .050 in diameter
  • Commonly Used On: Perfect for the racer not positive on the required length needed. One end is fixed and a universal fitting is supplied for the other end, allowing you to "cut to length" your Collector Tethers.
  • Item #: 0036

Collector Tethers™ - Premium Header Tethers 36" Universal

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