dragster race car dial in board flat scoop tray bracket
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Black Flat Scoop Tray Dial In Board Mounting Bracket - Drag Race Solutions

Our Black Flat Scoop Tray Dial In Board Bracket is specifically designed for flat scoop trays and K&N hood scoops.  Our custom matte black design fits all digital dial in boards and flip-a-dial boards on your dragsters and race cars. Includes all stainless steel bolts for assembly.  Also available chrome plated and billet aluminum.

Drag Race Solutions is a division of Collector Tethers™.  Racers ourselves, we have seen a need for premium drag racing components while building our own cars that we feel can imporve yours.


  • Item #: 6002-001B

Dial In Board Bracket - Flat Scoop Tray - Black

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