dragster cooling kit, remote water pump, water pump crossover, water filler neck
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Ultimate Cooling System by Drag Race Solutions -08 AN Front Fitting

The Ultimate Cooling System includes our Stainless Steel -08 Water Pump Crossover, Billet Aluminum Water Filler Neck, a Meziere WP136S 20 gph remote water pump, (3) Black -08 AN fittings, a Stant 20lb Lev-R-Vent radiator cap, Weather Pak fittings for the pump, (6) stainless steel mounting bolts and washers.

FREE FREIGHT on the kit.  By ordering the complete kit you save $70 on the parts alone! Plus the savings on freight!

Racers ourselves, We spent a tremendous amount of time making sure this cooling system works as well as possible for extreme racing conditions.


  • Item #: 3400-008B

Ultimate Cooling System (-08AN Black) - Drag Race Solutions

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